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A pair of NIKE exp-x14 running


shoes that keep girls from




Have you ever thought how beautiful it would be if you put the girl's favorite color in her sneakers?The boots with girls heart quick note, this pair of NIKE brand new color EXP - 14 sneakers, is absolutely your dream shoe use the transparent skin feeling naked yarn for hierarchical overlapping, the translucent shoe design, halfback and personality, and free from vulgarity of white and grey and tarmac and naked skin pink color texture, not only suitable for various styles of dress collocation, still can let you look in a more advanced!

Unisex Nike EXP-X14 WMNS White Silver Running Shoes

Not only fashionable, add the shoe of slow running shoe design function shoe sole Q to play good wear again, can be said to be a pair of daily collocation besides also can go out the perfect ball shoe that move, now this pair of shoes that hold both individual character and maiden heart has opened to sell in Taiwan compound type boutiques FRUITION, see more detail immediately.

Unisex Nike EXP-X14 WMNS White Silver Running Shoes

New shoes EXP - X14 will popular running shoes Nike React series function function into their daily life, the new shoe design from the athletics track athletes as inspiration, the Nike React excellent feedback is in the bottom, lightweight and can show the high efficiency of the application of springback response to this pair of shoes, not only has the functional, also using the girls are very favorite through skin feeling naked yarn vamp, appearance is very fashionable.

Unisex Nike EXP-X14 WMNS White Silver Running Shoes

The new color comes to the market with a total of two colors, respectively fresh and introverted putty and white, the other one is a charming combination of nude orange color and army green, two dreamlike designs, plus with jogging and daily walking high practicability, really must start!

Unisex Nike EXP-X14 WMNS White Silver Running Shoes

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